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Name: Paula/ Saki
Age: 17

Birthday: 9.11.91 (yes, 2 days before Tego :D)
About me: I'm in my last year of high school and am looking forward to being able to get through my exams and going back to Japan would make me oh so happy ♥ I'm usually happy and I love to talk and I fangirl Tegoshi Yuya like crazy :D So, if you can cope with and join in on me fangirling him, we'd get along just fine 8D
Fandom: NEWS ♥ Tegomasu (OTP :D), Arashi, GreeeeN, Perfume, ayaka

Can't stop thinking of you 君だけ♥


THIS GUY IS SERIOUSLY CUTE IN EVERYTHING HE DOES AND SAYS ♥ AND I LOVE HIM ♥ Tego the S-Ero-selfish with no ill intentions- soccer baka. I wouldn't change a thing :D

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