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This journal is now friends only~ If you want to be added just leave a comment here and state why you want to be added and maybe a bit about yourself ~ If you want to be added just so you know a few things. . . .

- We should have common interests, ie. NEWS, JE
- If you want to be added comment once in a while and i'll comment on your entries. We should try and get to know each other~
- Most of my entries have rl stuff. It's not interesting but it's there.
- Love NEWS ♥ 

If you add me and don't comment here, then i won't add you back. I like to know who's adding me lol and i love making new friends so if you do want to add me please do! Just so you know, I'm ahuge Tegoshi fangirl and love Tegomasu ♥ OTP! I do translate some NEWS interviews occasionally but those will always be posted where people can read them so you don't need to add me just to read them~

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テゴマス Picture Perfect


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Again, i did it with Paint, so sorry for the crappyness of it XD;

Tegoshi's way too cute to be 21 XD Seriously, Tego can do just about anything, and it'll just make me love him more lol Even his S-ness, clingy-ness and him being selfish with no ill intention is cute and is part of why i love him ♥ Even though he gets older, i don't want him to change at all~ I love his personality and way of thinking the way it is! :D So from now on, i'm going to keep loving Tegoshi (it's already been about 4 years XDDD) and he's going to be making me, as well as alot of other Tego fangirls, smile everyday :D

One other really short translation lol in 2006 Tego wrote a letter to himself in 1 years time in a magazine interview. It's short but. . .he mentioned what he'd want himself in that 1 years time to be like and what he'd like to have accomplished. . . just read it and you'll see ;D

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Tego + bunny

Tegoshi birthday translation 4 & 5/6

loll i've been baking a cake since i got home from school and i'm thinking i should get these posted before tomorrow XD And thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday :D I had a good day~ Or, like Haru said, very Tegolicious XD

This one's kinda older (2006), but it's really cute :D

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24 for 24 hours Q & A
Eat, then play, then work. In large pursuit of Tegoshi’s day!

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Myojo 12/08
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Lets go gorgeously!

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There's 1 more to come and i'll post that later tonight :D
Tego + bunny

Tegoshi birthday translation 3/6

Yesterday was the day the students came from Kagoshima. They weren't really talkative so it was kinda hard to communicate most of the time but we all tried~ the younger students in my group didn't really do much but i guess it's because they don't really learn conversational Japanese at their level yet. But we had some enthusiastic guys in our team none were good looking XD; we took a tim tams group photo and did some activities and then they all prepared presents and gave them to us~ and i missed almost all of maths, which is a bonus :D

Potato 8/08
Palette of heart

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Tego talks about what he learnt from "Happy Feet" and about something that happened to him for the first time while playing soccer. . . .

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テゴマス Picture Perfect

Tegoshi birthday translation 2/6

ahh too much maths hw D: I'm looking forward to the students from Kagoshima coming tomorrow. Showing them around and playing games with them should be fun :D

Next Tegoshi birthday translation~ :D

Popolo 9/08

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Tego talks about unrequited love that made him cry and a sad story about a close friend of his

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It's not even December yet but i think i'd want them to arrive to people by christmas :D I love receiving letters and last year was the first time i exchanged christmas letters with people i had alot of fun making the cards by hand and decorating them with NEWS/ people's favourite JE guy XD So if you want to exchange christmas cards/letters email me your address and i'll email you my address so we can exchange cards :D It should be fun and it's always nice getting mail from someone right? :D
テゴマス Picture Perfect

Tegoshi birthday translation 1/6

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lol sorry, but how cute does he look? XD He kinda looks like a lost kid, but it's so cute :D And he's way less tanned than he was a while ago and. . . i love how his hair looks ♥

Anyways~ since it's Tego's birthday on the 11th, i have some translations that i've done. Here's the first of 6 translations~ :D

Popolo 12/08

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Everyone in NEWS! A princess is what kind of girl?
Tego talks about what he thinks a girl needs to have to be his "princess" lol

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happy birthday massu ur 22 OMGS . time flys MAN .. the first tme i saw 
you was wen ur 16 OMGS lols .. You came along way MAN 
LOOK AT YOU NOWS LOLS .. wells actually ... YOu look the same ..
the same CUTE BOY that i feel in love with ne LOLS You BECOME my ichiBAn ne LOLS

todays we had cheese CAKE LOLS .. to celebrate MASSU's and JiNS;s B-DAYS lols .. 
we sang our heart out LOLS 
MASSU will prob.ly be eatting GYOUZA NE lols UMAI kks .. 



テゴマス Picture Perfect

More of Tegoshi's lyrics. . . .

Hello~ It's Murasaki!

I was falling asleep in school~ While watching a movie i was half asleep and really cold lol anyways~ the point is school was really boring today! The only good thing was that my english teacher wasn't there today!! We had a substitute and he didn't even care if we did work or not so. . . . i kinda just talked all lesson XD And was watching shokura with Shige's little strip tease XDD My friend started to laugh out loud in class when she saw it lol

I was looking around some blogs and i found one that had Tego's ero lyrics posted. but. . . there was an extra stanza! I don't know if the person saw it on the board while it was on Heyx3, but it sounds like it fits the song and it's more ero than the first one!! Oh Tego~ He just got more ero, in my opinion XDD

暗いバーで君と2人きり ほろ酔い気分で君は言う
そんな君を前にして 僕はもう一匹の犬さ
Please give me your smile(フェィクぼっく)

暗い部屋で君と2人きり SEXYな瞳の君が言う
少しずつ腕がからみあってくる 僕はもう我慢出来ない
Please give me your body(フェイクっぽく)

そんなに欲しいなら 僕のすべてを君にあげる
そのかわり お願い 僕の熱いところを癒して

From this blog

The first and third paragraphs are the ones that were read on Heyx3 but the middle one is new. It's much more ero than the other 2 XDD I kinda translated it in a really badly done way (^^;;) well i'm not sure if it's 100% accurate but. . you get the picture XD

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I hope he doesn't have more lyrics like this stored in his computer. Even though he probably does haha well. . . it's expected that he'd think like that kinda. He's a guy afterall XD But. . . i still imagine him as being innocent~ 

lol thats all i wanted to share XD